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Dining and shopping

El Fonoll's village shop stocks a wide range of fresh and packaged produce, including locally-produced wines and artisan foods. The shop opens on demand; don't hesitate to ask any time you need to visit it. Our tap-water is not drinkable, but drinking-water can be drawn straight from our natural spring, or you can buy bottled water in the shop.

Our diningroom opens depending on demand, at normal meal times (typically 10am, 2pm, 9pm). For breakfast/lunch/dinner an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet is offered, with wine included, costing 10 € per person. Evening meals are often followed by music and dancing in the adjoining ballroom.

Our regular Sunday paella is an El Fonoll institution. Visitors and residents gather from 1pm onwards in our huge picnic area to prepare a big vegetarian paella which is cooked over a traditional wood fire. Salad is the starter, then big helpings of paella as the main course, washed down with locally-produced red wine. Fruit for dessert. Cost is 7 €, payable at reception.

El Fonoll is surrounded by similarly medieval little villages within walking distance (5 to 7 km). All the villages contain bars and/or restaurants.

Within short driving distance (20 to 25 km) are the towns of Tàrrega, Montblanc, Cervera, and Santa Coloma de Queralt, where there are supermarkets and restaurants. They all have a weekly market day.

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