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Walking trails

El Fonoll has about 20 km of tracks through our forests, with plenty of special places for you to discover. There are free guided walks almost every day except Sundays, when the weather allows.

The walks last about an hour and in summertime normally start at 7pm. Below is a selection of walks we have picked out, but feel free to wander wherever and whenever you like.

There are several picnic tables scattered around the lands, which you are welcome to use.

Note that none of the walks are signposted, but you can print the maps or download directions for your GPS for each selected walk, below.

As an alternative to walking, we also have several mountain bikes available for use free.

The north-west hillside

A 4.1 km walk along the hillside above the valley, taking in two of our stone cabins.

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The Enchanted Forest

A 3.9 km walk to our three-branched pine, passing a pair of cabins on the way.

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The old mill

A 2.8 km walk, discovering the old flour mill, a strange piece of rock, and El Fonoll's old Romanesque church.

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The southern circuit

A 2.9 km walk through our southern forests, ending with a dip in the pool.

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The Witches' Circle

A 3.0 km walk, discovering the Witches' Circle and other charming spots.

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Track to Savella

A 5.2 km walk, taking in our wishing-well and discovering the 12th-century church and the remains of the abandoned village of Savella.

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